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Finally! A Way to Set Your Marketing on Autopilot with High-Value Articles...
Without Having to Write Them All Yourself!

Linda Claire PuigHi, I'm Linda Claire Puig, and having written articles and created newsletters for solo-professionals and small business owners for 2+ decades, I can tell you that...

Newsletters with high-value articles are one of the most powerful, all-encompassing marketing tools available to you. They help you attract more clients, more sales, more opportunities and more income!

Don't take my word for it, though.

Just look around you.

You'll see that six-figure-earning coaches and service-based business owners everywhere send regular newsletters to their list of clients and prospects—and they consider it a KEY contributor to their business success.

What stops most coaches and other service professionals from publishing a newsletter is having to write the articles.

Luckily, there's an EASY way for you to have highly targeted pre-written articles that you and your readers will love—even if you don't have time, hate to write or don't know where to start!

For a few dollars a day, you can have a year's worth of high-quality, carefully targeted, pre-written articles that you can modify and use as your own.

Ready2Go Articles are strategically written for
YOUR audience, YOUR niche, by professional writers
who understand you and your readers.

Use these done-for-you Ready2Go Articles as your own

Feel free to edit the articles and add your voice and experiences...we don't mind a bit!

Imagine...instead of spending HOURS of your valuable time slaving away, trying to write articles from scratch, you can have INSTANT ACCESS to professionally written done-for-you articles ready for you to edit (if you want) and load up in your autoresponder!

“Being a busy entrepreneur, I have little time for article writing but really love sharing valuable tips and articles with my ezine community. Linda Claire and her team magically fill that need with their professional, value-packed articles, which save me so much time each week. I’m so grateful for your amazing work in the world Linda!"
Nachhi Randhawa
Life Coach, CA
"Each month my clients look forward to reading articles on the very issues that bring them into therapy. Thank goodness, I have Claire Communications to fall back on for their expertise to write these amazing articles. I have been extremely busy building my practice while being in a doctorate program this past year, so anything that makes my life easier works for me. Lucky for me, I found Linda who can and does provide such outstanding service. Most articles even cite authors/ books so that my clients can get additional information if needed."
Sylvia Ann Trapuzzano
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, CA
“Current clients come to sessions telling me how they are using my latest Top 10 list or article. Former clients have also returned after receiving copies, with a renewed interest in personal growth."
Bob Torgerson
Counselor / Therapist, CO
I receive so many compliments on the articles in my newsletter. It has really made a difference in raising my profile among my clients and potential clients."
Debra Keenan
Executive Coach &
Management Consultant, NJ

But wait, Linda, shouldn't I try
to write my own articles?

Yes, certainly. If you like to write and you have the time, by all means!

But so many of our clients DON'T have the time or DON'T like to write. Ready2Go Articles can "plug the gaps" when you don't manage to get an article done.

But also...consider this: what does it actually COST YOU to write your own articles?

What AREN'T you doing when you're slaving over articles?

You're not working with clients, or selling programs, or having sessions with prospective clients. You're NOT doing any number of things that actually bring in money for your business.

The truth is your readers don't likely care whether YOU write each and every article in your newsletter, laboring to get every word just right. YOU will be in your newsletter in other ways.

What your readers most want from articles are solutions that will benefit their lives.

We write for YOUR readers, providing the solutions they want. And here's what THEY have to say about Ready2Go Articles:

The following quotes are directly from folks who've read Ready2Go Articles in the newsletters of coaches and therapists over the years.

"I read your newsletter every month and always find at least one thing to take away, many times more, and always get a boost of energy and inspiration."

"The advice and tips in your newsletter have helped me immensely in my personal, emotional and physical life. I have applied many of your help and ideas to my family, friends and my workplace."

"Your advice in this newsletter about speaking skills was excellent and helped me with a presentation I made this afternoon at my job. Please keep up the excellent work and newsletter."

"I so enjoy getting your newsletters - thank you.This current edition's article about resentment is particularly useful for me right now. Your newsletters are always so inspiring."

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say how wonderful I think your newsletter is. There's almost always something in each one that helps me both in my personal life and in my work life."

"Congratulations! I love your newsletter. It is chock full of good stuff. Keep up the good work and I look forward to many, many more issues."

Ready2Go Articles give your readers what they want and free you up to do what YOU DO BEST!

“Every article that I have purchased is of excellent quality, straight to the point and helps me get across just what is needed without having to do all the research…or spend time writing it. The time it saves me is worth every penny invested in the Ready2Go Articles.
The major delight, though, is in the Return on Investment. Just the one article on “Are You Living in Sync with Your Values?” has given me more than 20 individuals to talk with and the opportunity to turn 3 of those people into coaching clients."
Richard Eley
Executive Coach,
Small Business Coach
and Seminar Leader
“You guys at Claire Communications are business savers/creators, amazing, wonderful, great!!! Don’t ever, ever stop doing business! This is such a great service, such a great help to therapists."
Christopher Ann Vallier
Licensed Clinical
Social Worker, CA
"Linda's writing and content was always right on and practical for my executive coaching and working with executive teams. In short, Linda's writings for my monthly newsletters made me look good as a thought leader and knowledgeable practitioner in my coaching practice."
Hayden Hayden
Professional Trainer & Executive Coach, TX
"I really appreciate the opportunity to purchase articles. Writing is not my forte. This is just what I am looking for. You make my life so much easier!"
Carolyn Gerard
Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist, CA

WARNING: Not everyone who wants Ready2Go Articles will get them.

Here's why.

Our Ready2Go Articles are strictly limited to just 250 people each.

With our article clients spread around the world—Canada, Dubai, South Africa, New Zealand, Poland, the U.S., Spain, Portugal, Canada, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Curacao, Netherlands, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, Greece and more—many of the articles have already been claimed.

By strictly limiting the number of people who use our articles, and by spreading their use around the globe, you are protected against the already REMOTE chance of duplication.

Please be assured: in our 12 years of doing business, we have not had a single report of duplication. It's highly, highly unlikely that you and another person would run the exact same article at the exact same time, using the exact same headline, edited in the exact same way—and that you'd have the same person on your list who will notice.

Act fast to reserve YOUR Ready2Go Article Package.
Once they've reached 250, they get pulled from the website and retired for good!

Compare, and you'll see that Ready2Go Article Packages are a great value at a real steal of a price. Here's the reality...

Realistically, you could:

With done-for-you Ready2Go Article Packages, you get professionally written, highly targeted articles your readers will LOVE for just a few dollars a day.

You don't have to spend $9,600 or $3,600 or even $1,416. Your investment for 24 done-for-you Ready2Go Articles is only $997!

WOW. That works out to only $41 per article!

Nowhere else can you get so much work CLEARED off your to-do list for such an investment!

Think of all the time it would take you to write each and every one of these 24 articles.

It's literally like I'm handing you 100 hours of your life back!

Order today and you'll receive INSTANT ACCESS to your choice of 12 or 24 Ready2Go Articles.

Either way, if you're watching your budget, I'll even finance your done-for-you Ready2Go Article Package for you. Rather than pay all up front, you can pay over 4 months.

Order NOW and you'll receive 2 special bonuses!


"12 Creative and Profitable Ways to Use Your Ready2Go Articles"

Ready2Go Articles make publishing your newsletter easy, for sure!

But did you know that there are MANY other ways to use those articles than just in your newsletter?

This slide presentation suggests 12 great ways to
use the articles. It will set your creative mind whirring with new ideas that will make your marketing take off AND utterly maximize your investment by showing you all the different ways to put your Ready2Go Articles to work for you!


"10 Quick and Easy Ways to Customize Your Ready2Go Articles"

It's certainly OK to use Ready2Go Articles as is, without changing a word. However, you may wish to spend just a few moments to customize them so that your readers are crystal clear that you are speaking to them about THEIR particular needs.

Plus, if you put your articles on your website, this customizing will also help your search engine results because it will naturally include many of your key words.

In this slide presentation, you'll discover 10 detailed examples of HOW and WHAT to customize, and how to make the customizing process easy and speedy.


Step into EASE right NOW! Reserve your package today. Select your articles whenever you want.

Take a minute RIGHT NOW to reserve your package and you'll instantly receive an exclusive, personal code that allows you to select ANY article you want ANY time you wish.

When you're ready, you'll just peruse our 600+ articles and cherry-pick the gems that are just right for your practice or business—before they're sold out!

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To check out our wide assortment of articles and view excerpts of all articles, click here.

And by the way, I have found great articles from our collection for nearly every type of business. I'm very happy to extend the offer to you to assist with your article selection when you're ready to begin redeeming articles.

“I love writing and have done a lot of it in my life. I also love my work and all the directions my business is taking me, so I don't have time to write. I'm grateful to have found such polished, awesome, competent, professional articles at Ready2GoArticles.com."
KC Christensen Lang
LifeCoach, NH
"Your Ready2Go articles are always well written, concise and convey a philosophy of empowerment which is very congruent with the way we practice. They focus on positive solutions, not pathology. It never fails that following the mailing of a newsletter, we receive calls thanking us for the information and letting us know how much they value our newsletter and us keeping in touch with them."
Robin Sesan
Psychologist, DE
"I use Linda’s articles and continually get great feedback from my clients. In today's world, it is so important to outsource to effective and competent providers. Linda is at the top of that list."
Machen MacDonald
Business Coach, CA

Need to see an article first?
Here, I'd like to give you a FREE Ready2Go Article that you can use right now!

I know...you want to make sure we know our way around an article and that they are articles you'll feel confident and proud to send to your list.

To get your free Ready2Go article, enter your name below.

CLICK HERE to check out the wide assortment of articles we have and view excerpts of every single article on the site.

My Generous "Set Your Mind at Ease" 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our clients have been enjoying Ready2Go Articles for so many years that I am confident you will, too, especially when you realize how much time and frustration they save you—and how much your clients like them!

If you don't, however, no worries!

While I realize that some unscrupulous people would ask for a refund and then keep and use the articles anyway, we both know that this kind of behavior is out of integrity. And I know that's not you. So If you don't LOVE your Ready2Go Articles, return them within three days of purchase and we'll refund 100% of your money.

Got questions? We've got answers!

We've compiled a list of the questions our clients have most frequently asked us about Ready2Go Articles.

CLICK HERE to access those FAQs.

“I am so delighted to have found you! My husband (a therapist) and I (a coach) are launching a joint website in January, so the coaching/therapy focus of your articles is a perfect combo for us."
Sylvia Lippman
Wellness Coach, IL
"I am so thrilled to have finally launched my ezine! I have been planning on starting an ezine for over a year but the commitment of writing and sending out an issue every two weeks was so daunting that I never quite did it. With the structure of the Ezine Success Academy and your direction, I had the impetus and confidence to get started. The resources and guidance you shared gave me the practical information to design the newsletter. The Ready2Go Articles I purchased gave me a wonderful starting point from which I could add my own voice. I feel like the ezine is a critical cornerstone of my business and now it is in place! Awesome!"
Sheila Betker
Life Coach, Canada
"I love the quality of the information Linda includes in my newsletter and better yet, she writes it, which saves me time. It gives me great enjoyment to open my waiting room door and find clients clutching the latest newsletter to take home. Some may even mention one of the articles and some new learning that they appreciated. Another plus is that Linda's organization is great to work with!."
Joy Shivas
Licensed Clinical
Social Worker, PA
"Linda provides top-notch, image-setting newsletters and articles for my clients. Her timely and professional content, as well as her collaborative spirit, make working with her a breeze."
Kathy Larson
Business Coach, CA
"What great articles! I can’t wait for my readers to receive these gems of yours."
David Herdlinger
Business Coach, GA
"I consistently receive very positive feedback on the focused, timely content, as well as the creative appeal of the newsletter. Several very busy people on my mailing list have told me that my newsletter is one of the few that they look forward to reading. Thanks so much Linda for this invaluable marketing tool, and keep the great coaching content flowing!"
John Long
Career Coach, GA

So...what are you waiting for?

Good question.

What ARE you waiting for?

Make your selection below and feel the relief and ease!

Then begin to notice what happens to your business when you're in touch more frequently with your current, past and prospective clients!

buy now 24-pack full pay 24-PACK of articles $997 (1 payment)

buy now 24-pack 4-payments 24-PACK of articles $297 (4 mo'ly payments)

buy now 12-PACK of articles $637 (1 payment)

buy now12-PACK of articles $177 (4 mo'ly payments)

Here's the BAD NEWS: This is the cost of NOT staying in regular touch with your audience:

When you don't send high-value content that establishes your expertise and credibility, keeps you top-of mind and builds an important relationship, you risk all of this below.

I know that's not really what you want. And you simply CAN'T do everything yourself. If you're not keeping up with writing articles (or if you just don't want to!), please let us help with Ready2Go Articles.

A personal note to you from Linda Claire Puig

Linda Claire PuigThis Ready2Go Article service is my way of supporting those who foster development and transformation in people and businesses. That means YOU!

I figure that when I help you with MY gifts, you get to help MORE people with YOUR gifts!

And that makes the world a better place.

It would be my honor and privilege if you would allow me to support you with Ready2Go Articles.

And again, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions not addressed in the FAQ section. Click here to email me. Include your name and a phone number so we can talk.

To your brilliant success!

Linda Claire Puig


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