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Top 10 Lists

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Top 10 Actions That Say “I Love You”

It takes more than words to communicate to a beloved that he or she is loved. Here are ten ways people can show they care.

Top 10 Addiction Clues

How can a person know if a loved one has an addiction? This article lists ten common signs.

Top 10 Barriers to Connection

Avoiding these ten behaviors can greatly improve relationships.

Top 10 Barriers to Self-Growth

Most of us want to grow as human beings, but sometimes we just get in our own way.

Top 10 Behaviors that Block Happiness

A list of 10 of the top behaviors preventing happiness. Awareness is the first step to stopping these behaviors.

Top 10 Best Email Habits

What’s the secret to success? The joke’s twist of the adage answers: 10 percent hard work, 90 percent ignoring email. Luckily, we don’t have to go that far.

Top 10 Considerations When Choosing Business Partners

What are the important considerations when deciding on a business partner?

Top 10 Creative Decision-Making Techniques

Ten out-of-the-box approaches for making decisions.

Top 10 Daily Practices of Loving Relationships

Here are ten everyday ways to help keep love alive.

Top 10 Everyday Retreats

No exotic vacation on the horizon? Find ways in your own everyday life to retreat and renew.

Top 10 Fears That Keep Us From What We Want

Fear is an important survival technique that kept humans from getting eaten by bigger animals and that prevents people from jumping off cliffs. But what about those fears that purport to keep people safe, but actually keep them stuck?

Top 10 Fears That Ruin Relationships

Fear is often present in relationships, but it doesn’t have to sabotage the relationship. This article helps one recognize fears and be more able to work with them.

Top 10 Good Communication Practices

Techniques and skills to improve your communication practices that will get you noticed in email, voicemail, phone calls, written comunication and conversations.

Top 10 Ideas for Journaling

Ten ideas for tapping our inner wisdom through journaling.

Top 10 Myths About Owning Your Own Business

Owning one’s own business is the secret to success. Perhaps, but not necessarily....

Top 10 Myths About Public Speaking

A speaker memorizes the speech, uses a lectern, and doesn’t worry about the introduction. Isn’t that right? No?

Top 10 Powerful Questions to Ask

Strong work relationships, high morale and improved performance are all byproducts of good questions. Here are ten to get one started.

Top 10 Powerful Writing Tips

Article offers ten ways to improve your writing’s effectiveness.

Top 10 Practices that Support Talk Therapy

How to supplement and receive full benefit from those hours of therapy.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking a Leadership Role

How well do I know myself? How do I handle failure? These questions and more can help clarify if a person is ready to move into a position of leadership.

Top 10 Routine Maintenance Points

Not just for cars—one’s mind and heart needs maintenance, too.

Top 10 Self-Help Mobile Apps

The top 10 self-help apps to download on your smart phone to track happiness, gratitude, sleep patterns, habits and more.

Top 10 Signs of Strength

Master these ten signs of strength and improve your relationships with others—and yourself.

Top 10 Sources of Stress

Many people would find it surprising—and enlightening—to realize that stress is more often caused by internal pressure and anxiety than by external circumstances.

Top 10 Steps to Achieve SMART Goals

Making SMART goals is a great beginning. Then one has to accomplish them.

Top 10 Techniques for Working with Dreams

Ten tips for tapping the power of dreams.

Top 10 Things to Be Grateful For

A person may feel grateful for her health, safety, and loved ones. But what about the less obvious things that are all around?

Top 10 Things to Say to Your Partner

These ten statements can help maintain intimacy and improve communication.

Top 10 Things to Say to Yourself

People say things to themselves they wouldn't even think of saying to another person. What if, instead, people treated themselves as they would treat a best friend, someone they loved dearly?

Top 10 Things to Stop Tolerating

A list of 10 behaviors and situations to stop tolerating so that you can move towards greater inner peace and fulfillment.

Top 10 Things We Can Control

A wise person once said, “Focus on the ninety percent of life that is under our control and don’t fret about the rest.”

Top 10 Things Your Children Need from You

Parenting has no manual, but these 10 tips will help you help your children thrive by giving them what they need.

Top 10 Tips for Great Idea Generation

Generating great ideas can be a challenge. Here are ten ways to get the juices flowing.

Top 10 Tips for Managing Financial Anxiety

Anxiety can be the motivator of positive action, which, in turn, reduces anxiety.

Top 10 Tips for Moving Through Depression

Connection, physicality, even singing; here are ten ways to lighten the dark.

Top 10 Tips for Talking With Your Children

It has never been more critical for parents to talk with their children about difficult and often disturbing issues. Here are ten tips to help parents begin the dialogue.

Top 10 “Top 10” Lists to Create

Top 10 lists are everywhere, fulfilling the desire for bite-sized, digestible morsels of learning or humor. Here, then, is an opportunity to create ten of one’s own.

Top 10 Warning Signs of Stress

These ten symptoms are signs that stress is taking its toll.

Top 10 Ways Anxiety Presents Itself

Anxiety is common, but when it interferes with normal life functions, it’s a problem that needs support. Article lists ways anxiety shows up and offers tips on how to lessen it.

Top 10 Ways to Be Accountable

Keeping commitments that we make only to ourselves can be challenging. Here are ten ways to begin.

Top 10 Ways to Build and Keep A Positive Attitude

The benefits of a positive attitude are well-known. Now, how can we create one?

Top 10 Ways to Chase the Winter Blues

Gray, rainy or snowy days and high heating bills can sink a mood. Here are ten ways to lift one’s spirits.

Top 10 Ways to Cool Your Anger

A list of 10 simple ways to cool down before anger gets out of control and damages relationships, careers, even lives.

Top 10 Ways to Cope with an Increased Workload

Good habits are essential in times of stress created by an increased workload.

Top 10 Ways to Cope with Change

They say nothing is certain but change. Whether that thought fills a person with excitement or dread, these suggestions offer opportunities to thrive.

Top 10 Ways to Deepen Intimacy

True intimacy with another is not a given nor is it an impossible dream. Here are ten ways to create it.

Top 10 Ways to Eat Healthy Every Day

A comprehensive list of 10 ways to eat healthy every day on your way to becoming a "new you." This list is good for those wanting to lose weight or improve health.

Top 10 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We all know what it’s like to drag ourselves through the day when we have slept poorly the night before. Here are 10 good sleep habits to make.

Top 10 Ways to Get the Job

There’s more to getting the job you want than having the best résumé. Here are ten strategies that work.

Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Therapy

Ten ways to take charge of one’s own healing and growth.

Top 10 Ways to Get Through Tense Family Gatherings

Family gatherings may not always be fun, but they don’t have to be disasters.

Top 10 Ways to Handle Adversity

We’ve all experienced difficult times in our work or home lives, often through events and circumstances outside our control. But like great trees, humans grow stronger when exposed to powerful winds. Here are 10 suggestions for dealing with the hard times when they happen.

Top 10 Ways to Handle Difficult Conversations

A conversation gone wrong can have unfortunate consequences, but it is possible to handle difficult conversations with skill. Here are ten ways to begin.

Top 10 Ways to Have a Great Day

Along about the advent of the happy face, people started saying to one another, “Have a nice day.” And nice is, well, nice. But what about having a Great Day?

Top 10 Ways to Have Productive Business Meetings

Business meetings: stressful, a waste of time, nothing ever changes or gets done. They don’t have to be that way.

Top 10 Ways to Have the Best Holidays Ever

Tips for creating ease and magic throughout the holidays.

Top 10 Ways to Heal Through Creativity

Ten expressive approaches to healing.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Environment

Ten tips for enhancing one’s surroundings.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Work Environment

Ten tips for enhancing one’s surroundings at work.

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Keeping New Year’s Resolutions is a challenge for most everyone. Here are 10 strategies that can help.

Top 10 Ways to Light a Fire Under Your Career

Good habits and effective behaviors that will recharge your career.

Top 10 Ways to Lighten Up at Work

A lighthearted approach aids career advancement, reduces turnover and absenteeism, and enhances productivity and work performance.

Top 10 Ways to Love Fearlessly

Approach love with the courage of a warrior and watch your relationships soar.

Top 10 Ways to Lower Stress

From the ongoing stress that comes from living in our high-impact culture to those life events that knock us for a loop, the impact of stress accumulates. Here are ten ways to return to balance.

Top 10 Ways to Plan to Thrive During the Holidays

Ten ways to make the holidays enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.

Top 10 Ways to Practice Acceptance

Ways to practice self-acceptance and deepen your understanding of yourself

Top 10 Ways to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is an inside job anyone can do. Here are ten ways to begin.

Top 10 Ways to Set Clear Expectations

Too often, managers seem to lead through mental telepathy. Rather than set and communicate clear expectations, they assume their employees know what to do and how to do it. The results are hesitation, indecision, and uncertainty while teamwork, initiative and productivity go out the window.

Top 10 Ways to Sidestep Holiday Stress

The Holidays and stress seem to go together like egg and nog. But does it have to be that way?

Top 10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

These days a chorus of thousands has taken up Henry David Thoreau’s advice to “Simplify, simplify.” And for good reason.

Top 10 Ways to Start (and Maintain) a Good New Year

How can a person start having a good year? Isn’t that easier said than done? These ten tips show how to begin.

Top 10 Ways to Stay with Today

Ten ways to maintain presence in one’s life.

Top 10 Ways to Support Your Team

A leader’s job is to ensure that the highest level goals of the organization are realized. Here are ten ways to accomplish that.

Top 10 Ways to Take a Break

Strategies for successfully taking a break from work—and increasing your value.

Top 10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself at Work

Self-care at work increases effectiveness and productivity. So how can a person begin?

Top 10 Ways to Take Charge of Your Life

10 amazing tips to help you take charge of your life.

Top 10 Year-End Review Questions

The end of the year is not just a time to prepare for the next year. It’s also a great time to take stock of this one.