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Are You Worth It? You Decide

Overcoming unworthiness is a process that takes time and effort; the payoff is nothing short of life-changing.

Enough Not Being Enough!

Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, not talented enough, not loving enough, not disciplined enough, not brave enough…. Ugh! Enough already.

Giving an A: Possibility, Not Measurement

What are the inner qualities that remain constant among all types of effective leaders? Leadership is a way of life, an expression of our fullest and best nature and it starts on the inside.

How Healthy Is Your Self-Esteem?

Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is as important as the one we pass on ourselves.

How Well Do You Handle Your Inner Critic?

A quiz that helps you discover how much power the voice of your inner critic has over your life.

Learning to Live With (and Love) Yourself

Mary thinks she’d be happy if she could just change her weight, her looks and her job. Sean believes that he’s an okay person except for his anxiety, impatience and quick temper. But would “self-improvement” really make them happier?

Loving Yourself Unconditionally—If Not Now, When?

Many of us were taught some version of the Golden Rule such as “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.” The question is... how well do we love ourselves?

“Normal” Is a Very Big Playing Field

Susan talks to her grandmother’s ghost. Jamie has 60 potted plants around her house—all in purple pots. Are they normal?

Self-Acceptance is an Action

Self-acceptance means being for oneself, not against. It’s about accepting shortcomings as well as strengths. And it’s vital for growth and change.

Stopping Verbal Abuse in Its Tracks

Sarah’s husband yells at her for muting a commercial then greets her apology with more yelling and bizarre accusations. What’s going on there?

The Danger of Comparisons

Tips to help you stop comparing yourself and your loved ones to others and live with more freedom as a result.

The Effect of Family Roles on Life’s Choices

The common roles that children play in a family, and the role’s impact on adult life.

The Powerful Act of Asking for What You Want

Asking for what one wants is more effective when four important elements are in place.

Top 10 Things to Say to Yourself

People say things to themselves they wouldn't even think of saying to another person. What if, instead, people treated themselves as they would treat a best friend, someone they loved dearly?

Top 10 Ways to Practice Acceptance

Ways to practice self-acceptance and deepen your understanding of yourself

Top 10 Ways to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is an inside job anyone can do. Here are ten ways to begin.

What’s (Self) Love Got to Do With It?

The legend of Narcissus has it wrong. It’s the lack of self-love that brings harm.