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Running a Business

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3 Steps to Time-Saving Templates

Most business owners perform numerous small activities during the day that can add up to a lot of time. They can save time on these common tasks by creating templates with these three easy steps.

4 Questions to Know if Outsourcing Is Right for Your Solo Business

Many business owners wish they had more time and energy to get more done in their business. How can they tell when the time has come to pay someone else to take tasks off of their plate? By considering the following four questions.

6 Steps to Using Google Docs for Ease and Speed

Google Docs is a top-notch word processor that is absolutely free. Find out how easy it is to use.

7 Tips for More Effective Outsourcing

In most businesses, as they grow, it begins to make sense to outsource some work to others. These are 7 tips to outsource work more effectively.

7 Ways to Motivate Yourself Every Day

In order to achieve goals, motivation is essential. Nothing gets accomplished without it. With a few simple strategies, anyone can get motivated day in and day out.

10 Business-Boosting Ways to Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts can be a business owner's best friend. They can think of it as their own automated, fully customized search engine service that's both free and easy to use. Here are 10 ways they can use it and receive meaningful, business-boosting results.

Accepting Credit Cards on Your Website—Make Sure It's Safe and Secure

Whether a business owner sells a product or a service, offering customers a fast, easy and secure payment method should be a high priority and credit cards are the most convenient solution. Here's how they can safely accept credit cards on their website.

Before You Choose a Merchant Services Provider, Consider These 5 Must-Haves

Selecting the appropriate credit card processor is a critical business decision. Accepting credit cards can increase revenue by an average of 23%. Discover five things a merchant services provider should provide.

Customer Service Standards for the Solopreneur

In any business, it pays to spend some time considering customer service processes and procedures before an issue develops. Check out some important ways business owners should handle customer service concerns that provide the best possible opportunity for a satisfying result.

Disaster Plans: Save Your Small Business by Planning Ahead

Business owners need to plan for times when natural disasters or emergencies interrupt their businesses, but how can they go about actually creating a disaster plan?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

For a small business owner, growth of their business may be limited to how much stamina and time they have. If they're handling all of their daily tasks alone, growth of their business may not be possible. Hiring a virtual assistant can help.

How to Create and Use a Team as a Solopreneur

Solo business owners can still enjoy all the benefits that come from having a support team to back them up, freeing them to concentrate on their passion for their true work, even if they don't have room in their budget to hire actual employees. Here are several options to accomplish it.

Outsourcing: How to Find the Right People

Finding the right outsourcers can make a business run faster, more efficiently and more easily. However, finding those outsourcers can be a daunting and tough process. Here are some smart outsourcing tips to make sure a business owner finds the right people for the right task.

The Business of Frustration

Many business owners get frustrated when their business isn’t making money as fast as they think it should or when things aren't progressing as quickly as they'd like. Many give up before they reap the rewards of their efforts. Help them overcome their frustrations with these strategies.

The Solopreneur's Easy Guide to Shopping Carts

If a business owner is going to sell products from their website, whether they're physical products or digital products, they're going to need a shopping cart system. Here is a simple guide to getting started.