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Are You a Good Listener?

Good communication is a two-way street: speaking and listening. Becoming a good listener is a skill we learn, and like other skills, it takes practice to get better. This quiz will help determine where a person’s strengths are and where he or she can improve as a listener.

Are You a Perfectionist?

There’s a difference between excellence and perfection. Striving to be really good is excellence; trying to be flawless is perfectionism. This quiz will help a person determine if he or she is striving for the unattainable.

Are You a Warrior at Work?

How can one bring more of the warrior to work? This quiz can help.

Are You an Effective Multitasker?

Through its quiz format, the article offers tips for improving multitasking skills.

Are You Being Bullied?

Bullying comes in many forms, including within relationships. Take this quiz to see if you—or someone you know—might be the victim of bullying.

Are You Living in Sync with Your Values?

Quiz assesses alignment with one’s values primarily as they relate to work.

Are You Living with a “Victim” Mentality?

Times of stress can stir up the victim in all of us. This quiz helps identify if “victim” is too-often a part of one’s experience.

Are You Living Your Life on a Treadmill?

Empower yourself to stop living your life on a treadmill by answering three simple questions.

Are You Living Your Own Life?

A quiz that explores how well you live in alignment with your own values and live a life of your choosing.

Are You “On Purpose?”

Is your life being lived on purpose or just “to pay the bills?” This quiz offers questions to find the answer.

Are You Playing It Too Safe at Work?

Tips on taking risks—especially during an uncertain economy.

Are You Playing the Blame Game?

When things go wrong, blame is an easy way of taking the spotlight off oneself and shining it on others. This quiz will help determine if one is playing that game. Click here for an excerpt from the quiz.

Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Habitual lateness. Extreme disorganization. Not following up sales leads. This quiz helps to identify how we might be sabotaging our own efforts.

Are You Taking Care or Caretaking?

As the quiz reveals, “taking care” and “caretaking” are vastly different in practice.

Are You Taking Good Care of Yourself?

Quiz assesses and teaches self-care strategies for home and work.

Are You Too Busy? How Can You Tell?

Many people complain about being too busy, but forget that they have a say in the matter. This quiz offers help and insight.

Are You Too Cautious?

A quiz to help you understand the reasons for and consequences of playing it too safe in life.

Are Your Assumptions Undermining You?

Through its quiz format, the article teaches how assumptions can limit one’s relationship with oneself, others, and life in general.

Are Your Attitudes about Money Sabotaging You?

These common attitudes about money can sink any well-appointed ship.

Do You Defend or Do You Prosper?

Our communications are so much more productive when we don’t waste our energy on being defensive.

Do You Fight Fairly?

If we learn to fight fairly, conflict can actually serve us; guidelines on how to do that.

Do You Give It All Away?

Quiz assesses and raises awareness about whether one gives away too much time, energy and/or money.

Do You Have the People-Pleasing Syndrome?

When does being nice become toxic to oneself? Take this quiz to find out.

Do You Have Trust Issues?

Trusting can be difficult if you've been hurt in the past. This quiz helps you see what role mistrust may be playing in not living the life you truly want.

Do You Have Workaholic Habits?

There is a clear difference between enthusiastic, energetic work toward a highly valued goal and workaholism. That difference lies primarily in the emotional quality of the hours spent. This quiz will help a person see if he or she has a problem.

How Are You Coping with Grief and Loss?

Loss comes in many forms. This quiz helps you understand your feelings surrounding grief and loss.

How Controlling Are You?

We all know them…the folks who MUST CONTROL EVERYTHING. This quiz will help identify if that controlling person is you.

How Defensive Are You?

When most of our communication is spent defending ourselves, there’s not much room for meaningful contact. This quiz helps identify the problem and offers alternative perspectives.

How Emotionally Resilient Are You?

A true or false quiz to help you discover how well you cope with life's many challenges.

How Good Are Your Relationship Communication Skills?

This quiz offers twenty examples of good communications skills between partners.

How Healthy Is Your Relationship with Money?

Are unspoken attitudes and ideas about money getting in the way of well-being and security? This quiz can help one see if that’s so.

How Healthy Is Your Self-Esteem?

Resilience is key for successfully navigating the major upsets in our lives. Fortunately we all can enhance this universal capacity.

How Healthy is Your Sex Life?

This quiz explores how well your communication skills contribute to a healthy sex life.

How Honed Are Your Leadership Skills?

Quiz helps determine how keen one’s leadership skills are and where they could be sharpened.

How Intelligent Is Your Decision Making?

A quiz to explore whether your decision-making skills are as sharp as they could be.

How Much Joy Can You Stand?

Everyone has a dream. It may whisper to us in a still, small voice or it may have the volume and intensity of Martin Luthur King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. This quiz will help determine if a person is living his or her dream—and how to begin.

How Well Are You Listening to Your Children (or Others)?

Advice, lecturing, even praise don’t take the place of real listening. Here, through a quiz format, are thirteen ways to begin.

How Well Are You Maintaining Your Personal Brand?

Quiz assesses and teaches personal branding tactics.

How Well Are You Nurturing Your Romance?

A quiz to help evaluate how effective you are at nurturing your romance—and why it matters.

How Well Constructed Are Your Boundaries?

The poet said, “Good fences make good neighbors.” He was right. Good boundaries make life easier, reduce conflict and improve relationships. This quiz will help a person determine where his or her boundaries are healthy and where they might need shoring up.

How Well Do You Care for Yourself During Difficult Times?

A quiz that explores your self-care during hard times, when we need it most.

How Well Do You Communicate?

Communication involves more than just speaking and listening. This quiz helps a person discover how well he or she already communicates and may also teach new skills.

How Well Do You Cope With Change?

“Kicking and screaming” or “going with the flow”—this quiz reveals various strategies for dealing with change and offers helpful approaches.

How Well Do You Cope with Disappointment?

Disappointment is a normal response everyone experiences. Questions check to see whether you turn against yourself after a disappointment.

How Well Do You Cope with These Common Workplace Challenges?

Doing work that is rewarding and fulfilling also requires the ability to face and overcome obstacles.

How Well Do You Deal With Worry?

Worry can help us to anticipate danger or it can be a harmful source of stress. This quiz helps determine where one falls on the continuum and also offers practical suggestions for handling worry.

How Well Do You Delegate?

Whether a person work with others, or alone, he or she may still suffer from the “Lone Ranger Syndrome”—that managerial malaise that causes folks to work excessively long, hard hours because only THEY know how to do something right. Whoa, Silver! There is a cure.

How Well Do You Express Anger?

A quiz that explores effective ways to safely release and express anger and how well YOU do with that.

How Well Do You Express Your Needs?

This quiz shows common situations, reveals their underlying needs, and offers helpful ways to express those needs.

How Well Do You Fulfill Your Needs?

How well are our physical, safety, love, self-esteem, and self-actualization needs being met?

How Well Do You Handle Anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal emotion that most people experience. It becomes a problem when it interferes with a person’s daily functioning. This quiz will help determine if anxiety is having that kind of impact.

How Well Do You Handle Conflict?

A person’s approach to conflict resolution can make life easier or tougher. This questionnaire reveals how one responds in conflict situations.

How Well Do You Handle Failure?

Failure may be inevitable. But how a person handles failure can mean the difference between accepting shame or gaining wisdom from lessons learned.

How Well Do You Handle Fear?

At its best, fear is an instinctive ability that aids human survival. At its worst, it’s that nagging internal voice that heralds doom and disaster for no good reason.

How Well Do You Handle Overwhelm?

Overwhelm can leave a person feeling helpless. But there are ways to cope and even thrive.

How Well Do You Handle Workplace Conflict?

Like taxes, conflict in the workplace is inevitable. That isn’t all bad. Handling conflict well leads to many benefits.

How Well Do You Handle Your Inner Critic?

A quiz that helps you discover how much power the voice of your inner critic has over your life.

How Well Do You Let Go and Move On?

Letting go can be an empowering act, as it forces you to develop important resources such as courage, compassion, forgiveness and love. This quiz helps readers explore releasing what's no longer viable to make room for the new.

How Well Do You Love Your Body?

On hot summer days, when bodies are more on display, a person may feel vulnerable if his or her body isn’t a perfect 10. But this quiz teaches that obsessing on one’s perceived flaws is counter-productive.

How Well Do You Manage Anger?

Anger can lead to destruction or construction. It’s all in how one handles it.

How Well Do You Manage Stress?

This quiz offers helpful strategies for a more peaceful life.

How Well Do You Manage Your Emotional Reactions at Work?

Getting "triggered" at work can be damaging to one's career. Through its quiz format, the article shows ways to manage emotional reactions at work.

How Well Do You Manage Your Energy?

It is the skillful management of energy, not time, that most significantly affects high performance. Take this quiz to see if you could be managing energy in a healthier way.

How Well Do You Motivate Others?

As the quiz reveals, there is more to motivation than the three Ps.

How Well Do You Navigate the Holidays?

Tips for navigating the holiday season with grace.

How Well Do You Part Ways?

Breaking up is hard to do. But it doesn’t have to be devastating.

How Well Do You Practice Empathy at Work?

As the quiz reveals, empathy is an important skill in the workplace—for leaders, salespeople, supervisors and coworkers of all kinds.

How Well Do You Practice Empathy?

Empathy—that quality of recognizing and understanding another person’s desires, beliefs and emotions—is one of the most important skills we can ever acquire. It fosters meaningful relationships, encourages honest communication and can help avert violence.

How Well Do You Present?

What does it take to be a great speaker? Take this quiz and see.

How Well Do You Recognize Those Who Work With You?

What’s wrong with employee-of-the-month, coffee mugs, and length-of-service awards? This quiz will show more effective ways to express a job well done.

How Well Do You Stay in the Present?

Through its quiz format, the article offers strategies for being more present in one’s life.

How Well Do You Take Responsibility For Yourself?

Through its quiz format, this article shows how to take responsibility in sixteen different ways.

How’s Your Integrity?

Quiz assesses how well one is living according to one’s core values.

How’s Your Joy Level at Work?

Do people have to do work that they love in order to feel joy? Not necessarily. Here’s how to bring joy to anything.

Is Not Getting Enough Sleep Getting In Your Way?

This quiz explores the symptoms, including lesser known ones, of not getting enough sleep and the effect that has on one’s life.

Test Your Temper

How does one determine if anger is a problem? And if it is, what can one do about it? The quiz will help.

When Your Buttons Get Pushed, How Well Do You Manage?

“Triggers” can exact a toll in every area of a person’s life. Through its quiz format, article teaches strategies for coping with these emotional reactions.