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General Marketing

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5 Steps to Reinvigorate Your Marketing Message

It can be easy for a business owner to let their marketing get out of control. Here are some steps they can take to bring the consistency back to their marketing message.

5 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed

The internet can be an intimidating place for many business owners, but it's not that difficult to get noticed if they're willing to put themselves out there in these ways.

6 Steps to an Attention-Getting Press Release

A great press release can gain media exposure and make a business soar and can also generate incoming links, awareness, visitors, and even sales. Discover how a business owner can write a successful and lucrative press release.

11 Tips to Rock Your Networking (Even If You Don't Like It)

Some people love networking, but for others, the mere thought can make them break out in hives. However, networking is important for business success. Implementing these 11 tips can rock a business owner's networking efforts, even if they're not a fan of it.

Digital Marketing—How to Capitalize on What It Is and Isn't

Marketing is the way businesses communicate with their audiences and how the word gets out about their products and services. Discover what digital marketing is—and what it isn't.

Finding Your Winning Marketing Mix

If a business owner wants their business to grow, it's essential that they invest in marketing. However, finding the right tactics or combination of tactics can be a confusing process. Here's how they can find the right marketing mix for their business.

Get Noticed Using Interviews

One way business owners can get people to talk about their business is to participate in interviews and this is how they can prepare for them.

How to Become Known as the Local Expert

Becoming a local expert in their field is a great way for any business owner—whether an online business or a brick-and-mortar store—to promote themselves. These are 6 proven ways to become known as a local expert.

How to Find the Right Networking Groups for Business

Networking is one of the most effective strategies to both build and grow a business and can help business owners learn and grow personally, but how do they find the right networking groups? Here are ways to find the right groups for them, both online and offline.

How to Use Meetup for Business Building

There's a lot to be said for meeting people face to face. allows anyone to form an online group that can both collaborate online and meet in person, so how can someone use Meetup to their advantage and begin using it to make connections and reach their business building goals?

Increase Your Visibility, Increase Your Business

Business owners may have a strong business idea and a great product, but they may not be doing everything they can to be seen by the right people. Find out how they can increase their visibility and change the way potential customers see their business.

Streamline Your Marketing for Ease and Success

Many business owners try several different marketing strategies without having a clear understanding of what they do and what they offer. Many times, they find themselves disorganized and without any type of plan. Here’s how they can streamline their marketing and get it working for them and their business.

Take Charge of Your Networking

Networking can take a small business and make it thrive. Business owners want to create partnerships with other business owners, broaden their brand awareness or drive traffic to their website. What should they want to achieve with their networking efforts? They can take charge of their networking with these simple

The 4 Critical Phases of Marketing

Every marketing activity and marketing plan has four main phases that must all be addressed for it to be successful. Here's a resource for developing solid marketing materials using these four phases.

Top 10 Tips to Network Like a Pro

Online or off, networking takes a bit of skill and know-how. It's not enough to show up or be present at networking events or on networking sites. People have to participate and take an active role. Here are 10 tips to network like a pro.