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Are You a Good Listener?

Good communication is a two-way street: speaking and listening. Becoming a good listener is a skill we learn, and like other skills, it takes practice to get better. This quiz will help determine where a person’s strengths are and where he or she can improve as a listener.

Effective Listening for Leaders

With organizations and individuals so focused on the bottom line, it’s easy to ignore “softer” goals, such as listening well. But those goals are essential for success.

How Well Are You Listening to Your Children (or Others)?

Advice, lecturing, even praise don’t take the place of real listening. Here, through a quiz format, are thirteen ways to begin.

How Well Do You Practice Empathy at Work?

As the quiz reveals, empathy is an important skill in the workplace—for leaders, salespeople, supervisors and coworkers of all kinds.

How Well Do You Practice Empathy?

Empathy—that quality of recognizing and understanding another person’s desires, beliefs and emotions—is one of the most important skills we can ever acquire. It fosters meaningful relationships, encourages honest communication and can help avert violence.

Listening Practices: Tips and Traps

Artful listening, like any art, requires practice. Article explores levels of listening, blocks to listening, and suggestions for honing one’s skills.

The Rewards of Really Listening

The rewards of truly listening are significant: happier marriages and families, better communication at work, fewer misunderstandings between friends and others, calmer and less stressful lives.