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Joy / Happiness

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Bring Humor to Work (It’s Good for You & Good for Business!)

Humor has numerous benefits in the workplace, creating happier workers and increased productivity.

Coping with Loneliness

Loneliness vs. solitude: what's the difference and how loneliness can serve as a call to action.

From Hopelessness to Happiness—a Learnable Life Skill

Some people are optimists and others are pessimists. However, optimism isn’t an accident—it’s a skill that can be learned, one that can help us feel better, resist depression and greatly improve our lives.

Hoping is Not a Hopeless Endeavor

Discover the benefits of being hopeful for your health and wellness.

How Much Joy Can You Stand?

Everyone has a dream. It may whisper to us in a still, small voice or it may have the volume and intensity of Martin Luthur King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. This quiz will help determine if a person is living his or her dream—and how to begin.

How’s Your Joy Level at Work?

Do people have to do work that they love in order to feel joy? Not necessarily. Here’s how to bring joy to anything.

How to Support Your Own Happiness

Our brains can be trained to cultivate happiness; some training tips.

Life Goes Better With Friends

Everyone knows that friends make life better, but a growing body of evidence shows that people who have good friendships and strong social circles live longer—as well as happier—lives.

Successfully Single: How to Thrive on Your Own

Over the course of their lives, many people will spend a significant amount of time being single, whether by choice or not. This article has tips on how to thrive as a single person, tips whose positive effect can carry over to times you're no longer single.

The Health of the Human Spirit

Individuals as well as health practitioners are beginning to acknowledge that to be healthy one must nurture the human spirit.

The Wisdom of Winnie-the-Pooh

A treasury of simple and charming wisdom, as reflected by Winnie the Pooh, for guidelines to living.

Top 10 Behaviors that Block Happiness

A list of 10 of the top behaviors preventing happiness. Awareness is the first step to stopping these behaviors.

Top 10 Self-Help Mobile Apps

The top 10 self-help apps to download on your smart phone to track happiness, gratitude, sleep patterns, habits and more.

Top 10 Ways to Have a Great Day

Along about the advent of the happy face, people started saying to one another, “Have a nice day.” And nice is, well, nice. But what about having a Great Day?

Top 10 Ways to Stay with Today

Ten ways to maintain presence in one’s life.

Why Happiness Matters at Work

Happier people make better team players and more effective leaders, but unhappy people are not doomed. Article offers ways to cultivate happiness at work.