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Email Marketing

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3 Key Foundations of Email Marketing Success

Email marketing isn't just for the big companies and it's easier than people might think to get started. Focus on optimizing these three components and they'll have a good foundation for email marketing success.

6 Tips for Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines in Your Email Marketing

A subject line is the single most important sentence in marketing emails. It can determine whether or not an email gets opened and read, and the more people who open the email, the more sales will come from it. Business owners who follow these 6 success tips can find out how to write those attention-grabbing subject lines for their marketing emails.

6 Tips to Make Email Marketing Work for YOU

Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of online marketing that gets business owners up close and personal with their audience on an individual basis. Here are some tricks to making it work for them and their business.

How Healthy is Your Email List?

Whether a business owner uses their email list for sending a newsletter, promotional emails or simply to stay in touch with the people that have expressed interest in their business, it's essential for them to measure and track the following key elements to know how their list is performing.

How to Get More People to Open Your Emails

If subscribers aren't opening emails, they can't read and act upon the goodies inside. If a business owner is struggling to get their emails opened, they can use these steps to craft enticing email subject lines that get noticed and have their readers begging for more.

Maintaining the Right Balance Between Selling and Connection in Your Email Marketing

Email marketing often involves a tightrope walk between selling and connection. If someone sells too much, they'll lose their customer's interest and burn out their list. If they focus too much on connection and not on selling, they won't generate enough revenue. Find out how to walk this fine line and maintain the right balance.

Strategies for Laser-Focused Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, a lot of people wrongly focus on getting the biggest list possible rather than a focused list. A list of 400 engaged people who are ready to buy does a lot more good than 100,000 people who never buy. So how can someone get a targeted list? By using these strategies.

Use Autoresponders to Make Email Marketing More Effective

Email marketing can help business owners turn their current customers into repeat customers and when they hear from them regularly, they'll be much more likely to buy. Autoresponders make email marketing simple and more effective. Find out how easy it is for them to stay in touch with their visitors and tell them about their products using autoresponders.

Using Email Newsletters to Grow Your Business

A weekly email newsletter is an effective and easy marketing tool for any business owner. Discover a few ways an email newsletter can benefit business and increase revenues.