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Blended Families

All relationships have their complications, but stepfamilies create a web of relationships and inter-relationships that make the average spider’s overnight spinning look simple in comparison.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (But You Can Lessen Its Distress)

Nobody enjoys a break-up, but you can take certain steps to minimize harm.

Good Co(operative)-Parenting

Good parenting can be even more challenging after divorce; what is it that children need during this time?

How Well Do You Part Ways?

Breaking up is hard to do. But it doesn’t have to be devastating.

Special Delivery: Talking to Kids About Divorce

Research shows that children of divorce can suffer serious emotional consequences, some of them long-term. But parents can help mitigate the potential trauma. Here are ways to begin.

Starting Over: Tips to Finding Grace in Difficult Times

How to recuperate, grow from, and even appreciate the most difficult experiences in our lives.

Successfully Single: How to Thrive on Your Own

Over the course of their lives, many people will spend a significant amount of time being single, whether by choice or not. This article has tips on how to thrive as a single person, tips whose positive effect can carry over to times you're no longer single.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating After Divorce

When most of our communication is spent defending ourselves, there’s not much room for meaningful contact. This quiz helps identify the problem and offers alternative perspectives.