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Communication Skills

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5 Keys to Effective Communication

Ineffective communication can lead to errors, wasted time, team conflict, broken relationships, even business failure. Here are five important keys to communication, written or verbal, that can lead to success rather than strife.

Accepting the “Gift” of Criticism

Most of us can accept compliments. Some of us can accept suggestions. But most of us draw the line at criticism. Yet, criticism can be one of the most constructive and profound tools to change ourselves and improve our relationships with others.

Design the Alliance—Empower All of Your Relationships

To create a mutually successful experience in any relationship, apply the coaching concept designed alliance.

Do You Defend or Do You Prosper?

Our communications are so much more productive when we don’t waste our energy on being defensive.

Do You Fight Fairly?

If we learn to fight fairly, conflict can actually serve us; guidelines on how to do that.

Employing Nondefensive Communication at Work

Communicating non-defensively not only shifts our relationships, but improves the bottom line.

How Defensive Are You?

When most of our communication is spent defending ourselves, there’s not much room for meaningful contact. This quiz helps identify the problem and offers alternative perspectives.

How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About Money

Money is often the breakdown of relationship. This articles shows ways to use money, or talking about it, as a tool to strengthen relationships.

How Well Do You Communicate?

Communication involves more than just speaking and listening. This quiz helps a person discover how well he or she already communicates and may also teach new skills.

How Well Do You Practice Empathy?

Empathy—that quality of recognizing and understanding another person’s desires, beliefs and emotions—is one of the most important skills we can ever acquire. It fosters meaningful relationships, encourages honest communication and can help avert violence.

Pushy vs. Assertive: How Do You Tell the Difference?

Give yourself permission to assert but know when you have crossed another’s boundaries.

Say the Hard Thing: How to Have that Difficult Conversation

The thought of speaking up can be stressful: this article shows you how to move from thought to action in speaking up for yourself.

Speaking Your Truth

How to speak your mind without alienating others.

Taking Feedback (to Heart)

When given difficult feedback, many people respond in unproductive ways. But it is possible to take the dread out of feedback and receive it as a gift.

Taking the “War” Out of Our Words with Nondefensive Communication

It's a myth that defensiveness will protect us and that to be open is to be vulnerable and weak. On the contrary, it is being defensive that weakens us.

The Powerful Act of Asking for What You Want

Asking for what one wants is more effective when four important elements are in place.

Top 10 Barriers to Connection

Avoiding these ten behaviors can greatly improve relationships.

Top 10 Good Communication Practices

Techniques and skills to improve your communication practices that will get you noticed in email, voicemail, phone calls, written comunication and conversations.

Top 10 Tips for Talking With Your Children

It has never been more critical for parents to talk with their children about difficult and often disturbing issues. Here are 10 tips to help parents begin the dialogue.

Top 10 Powerful Questions to Ask

Strong work relationships, high morale and improved performance are all byproducts of good questions. Here are ten to get one started.

Top 10 Ways to Handle Difficult Conversations

A conversation gone wrong can have unfortunate consequences, but it is possible to handle difficult conversations with skill. Here are ten ways to begin.