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Changing / Growing

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Bounce Back: Developing Emotional Resilience

Resilience is key for successfully navigating the major upsets in our lives. Fortunately we all can enhance this universal capacity.

Curiosity in Business and Life

Curiosity has been given a bad rap, when in fact it’s a key ingredient for a fulfilling life.

Finding the Gifts of the Shadow

No one likes to admit to a dark side, but that shadow self is a treasure box just waiting to be owned.

Hoping is Not a Hopeless Endeavor

Discover the benefits of being hopeful for your health and wellness.

How Emotionally Resilient Are You?

A true or false quiz to help you discover how well you cope with life's many challenges.

How to Go from Stuck to Action to Empowerment

Feeling stuck, either in business or in life, can give anyone a sense of helpless futility, making them feel powerless to do anything about it. Any action can seem intimidating and overwhelming, but it can actually be a secret weapon. Here’s how action can be used to fuel someone toward more fulfilling circumstances.

How to "Hack" Into Your Own Brainpower

Learn how to overcome self-sabataging tendencies with the power of your brain.

How Well Do You Cope With Change?

“Kicking and screaming” or “going with the flow”—this quiz reveals various strategies for dealing with change and offers helpful approaches.

How Well Do You Cope with Disappointment?

Disappointment is a normal response everyone experiences. Questions check to see whether you turn against yourself after a disappointment.

How Well Do You Let Go and Move On?

Letting go can be an empowering act, as it forces you to develop important resources such as courage, compassion, forgiveness and love. This quiz helps readers explore releasing what's no longer viable to make room for the new.

Leaps of Faith: Can We Afford Not to Take Them?

Every day offers forks in the road where we can either take a risk or do what we’ve always done.

Life Lessons from the Garden

Reviled by many as a bothersome weed, the dandelion nevertheless continues to display its pert, yellow self in lawns everywhere, thriving in the face of adversity. What are the lessons there?

Life Stages: Changes, Choices and Challenges

Life’s passages aren’t as predictable as they once were. Individuals have more choices and more freedom, but freedom can come with complications.

Living a Guilt-Free Life!

Guilt is a conditioned response—which means we can change it. The article explores how.

Optimizing Your Life Energy

Learn to focus on what’s truly important.

Speaking Your Truth

How to speak your mind without alienating others.

Take Healthy Control

Healthy control is a means of empowerment; a fourfold strategy.

The Power of Intention

Victoria wants to stay sober. She’s quit before, only to relapse. But this time, she has two things in her favor, a young child counting on her to “get better,” and rather than just wistfully wishing for things to be different, she’s declared an intention.

The Powerful Act of Asking for What You Want

Asking for what one wants is more effective when four important elements are in place.

The Top 6 Mindset Shifts You Need for Success

Is your mindset working to your advantage or holding you back? Explores a “fixed mindset” versus a “growth mindset.”

Think Positively for Maximum Growth

When someone harnesses a positive mindset, the sky is the limit. These tips and ideas can help anyone think positively in tough times so they can continue to grow and succeed.

Top 10 Practices that Support Talk Therapy

How to supplement and receive full benefit from those hours of therapy.

Top 10 Self-Help Mobile Apps

The top 10 self-help apps to download on your smart phone to track happiness, gratitude, sleep patterns, habits and more.

Top 10 Signs of Strength

Master these ten signs of strength and improve your relationships with others—and yourself.

Top 10 Ways to Cope with Change

They say nothing is certain but change. Whether that thought fills a person with excitement or dread, these suggestions offer opportunities to thrive.

What Does It Mean to Be Vulnerable? (And Why Is It Empowering?)

Often we believe that keeping a stiff upper lip will keep us strong, but more likely it separates us from others. Fortunately, there is another way.

When Bad Is Good: Finding Meaning in Negative Events

How to find the silver lining when adversity strikes.

Why Therapy? Exploring the Strengths of Seeking Help

Suffering in silence, out of society’s gaze, no longer is the rule. Now, going to a therapist is seen as a positive step in people’s lives.