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Barriers to Productivity

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Are You Too Busy? How Can You Tell?

Many people complain about being too busy, but forget that they have a say in the matter. This quiz offers help and insight.

Are You a Perfectionist?

There’s a difference between excellence and perfection. Striving to be really good is excellence; trying to be flawless is perfectionism. This quiz will help a person determine if he or she is striving for the unattainable.

Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Habitual lateness. Extreme disorganization. Not following up sales leads. This quiz helps to identify how we might be sabotaging our own efforts.

Best Way to Beat Burnout—Prevent It!

Burnout has more to do with attitudes, work styles, and behavior than with any specific job situation. Article explores warning signs and eight ways to avoid burnout.

Do We All Have ADHD? (Or Does It Just Seem Like It?)

Symptoms and management of ADHD. What it is and what it’s not.

Do You Defend or Do You Prosper?

Our communications are so much more productive when we don’t waste our energy on being defensive.

Do You Have Workaholic Habits?

There is a clear difference between enthusiastic, energetic work toward a highly valued goal and workaholism. That difference lies primarily in the emotional quality of the hours spent. This quiz will help a person see if he or she has a problem.

How Well Do You Handle Overwhelm?

Overwhelm can leave a person feeling helpless. But there are ways to cope and even thrive.

How Well Do You Manage Your Emotional Reactions at Work?

Getting "triggered" at work can be damaging to one's career. Through its quiz format, the article shows ways to manage emotional reactions at work.

How Well Do You Manage Your Energy?

It is the skillful management of energy, not time, that most significantly affects high performance. Take this quiz to see if you could be managing energy in a healthier way.

Is Not Getting Enough Sleep Getting In Your Way?

This quiz explores the symptoms, including lesser known ones, of not getting enough sleep and the effect that has on one’s life.

Overcoming Overwhelm by Coming Back to Ourselves

Whether overwhelm is sudden or cumulative, chronic or acute, the feeling is of drowning, immobility and powerlessness. Luckily, there’s hope.

Procrastination—Everyone Talks About It, but Nobody Does Anything

Imagine the space this article fills is blank. Imagine the time and energy it might take someone who procrastinates to: 1) think about doing the article 2) put it on a list of “to dos” 3) talk about doing it 4) promise himself he will start it tomorrow 5) promise himself he will definitely start it tomorrow….

“Tolerations” Take a Toll at Work

What do desktop clutter, inadequate tools for the job, a too-chatty co-worker and a troublesome relationship with the boss have in common? They’re all tolerations, those little or big things we put up with that sap our energy and drain our life force.

Too Many Passions?

Jack-of-all-trades, master of none! reveals the bias against those who choose a varied work life, but those “Renaissance Souls” have a lot to offer.

Top 10 Things to Stop Tolerating

A list of 10 behaviors and situations to stop tolerating so that you can move towards greater inner peace and fulfillment.

When the Internet Becomes a Problem

Article explores the social, productivity, and physical problems associated with the Internet. How can one tell if there’s a problem? And what can one do about it?