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Anger / Conflict

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Befriending Anger

Anger is the unannounced visitor that keeps dropping by, again and again. Some people hide, hoping this troublesome guest will go away. Others let it take over, turning their homes into a nightly rage-fest. Thankfully, there is an alternative.

Confidence and Self-Respect Through Conflict

Most people would rather go to the dentist for a root canal than confront a colleague with something that bothers them. But conflict doesn’t have to be a negative experience.

Conflict: How to Make It a Creative—Not Destructive—Force

Turn conflict into an opportunity for growth, intimacy, and freedom from fear.

Do You Fight Fairly?

If we learn to fight fairly, conflict can actually serve us; guidelines on how to do that.

Embracing Conflict

Facing conflict, and emerging from the other side of it, can boost one’s self-esteem as well as deepen one’s relationships.

How to Interrupt Negative Patterns

Becoming aware of how you create negative patterns in your life is the first step to interrupting them and establishing new, more positive patterns.

How to Keep Your Cool in the Summertime

For all the talk about summertime and the living being easy, it may not be as easy as it seems.

How Well Do You Express Anger?

A quiz that explores effective ways to safely release and express anger and how well you do with that.

How Well Do You Handle Conflict?

A person’s approach to conflict resolution can make life easier or tougher. This questionnaire reveals how one responds in conflict situations.

How Well Do You Handle Workplace Conflict?

Like taxes, conflict in the workplace is inevitable. That isn’t all bad. Handling conflict well leads to many benefits.

How Well Do You Manage Anger?

Anger can lead to destruction or construction. It’s all in how one handles it.

One-Liners to Avoid in an Argument

They slice and dice, cutting wounds not easily healed by pacifying words. They inflame like a lit match near gasoline. They suck the life out of all that they touch. What are they?

Stopping Verbal Abuse in Its Tracks

Sarah’s husband yells at her for muting a commercial then greets her apology with more yelling and bizarre accusations. What’s going on there?

Test Your Temper

How does one determine if anger is a problem? And if it is, what can one do about it? The quiz will help.

Top 10 Ways to Cool Your Anger

A list of 10 simple ways to cool down before anger gets out of control and damages relationships, careers, even lives.